Using tags to describe distribution patches, call for comments

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Mon Nov 19 14:22:11 GMT 2007


The desktop team will start using tags in the distribution patches to
describe what they are doing, the corresponding upstream and ubuntu
bugs, etc.

This mails is a call for comments, the idea is not desktop specific and
could be used in other Ubuntu packages. 

A first list of suggested tags to use:

* Ubuntu: launchpad_uri

The corresponding Ubuntu bug number

* Upstream: upstream_uri

The corresponding Upstream bug number

* Debian: debianbts_uri

The corresponding Debian bug number. Debian is a special upstream and
that would allow to use the same tag directly in the Debian package

* Description: description

The description of the change

* UbuntuSpecic: yes
* Rational: why the change is specific to ubuntu

To use when a change is specific to Ubuntu and should not be sent
upstream. The rational would explain why the change doesn't need to go
upstream, for example if that's a distribution customization choice.

What do you think about those? Do we also need a tag indicating if the
patch comes from Debian or Ubuntu? That would makes easier to know what
we need to send upstream and how many Ubuntu specific changes are there

Sebastien Bacher

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