Remastering Ubuntu (Legal issue + gnome editing)

Shuaib Siddiqui shuaibe at
Thu Mar 29 10:55:17 BST 2007


1. Iam trying to remaster ubuntu such that it includes MySQL server, TomCat
server (which require SUN Java),  & my company's own developed software
application and also to change the way it looks (usplash, theme,
menus,logos,etc); plus it is for commercial purpose. I wanted to have an
accurate advice on this that, is this allowed or are there any legal or
license issues if I do that.

2. I have found a nice HowTo on Remastering Ubuntu []. But Iam still
very unsure that how shall I customize the usplash, theme, menus,logos,etc
such that installing from the new CD would have my customize enviroment.

Your suggestions would be highly appreciated!

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I&C Faculty
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