QA and derivatives ( Re: Apport hooks (Re: The changing nature of bug reports))

Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at
Mon Mar 5 11:36:53 GMT 2007

David Farning napisał(a):
> It would be useful if the CC, TB, and Canonical could start considering
> how derivatives can become good community members.  The basic balance we
> need to consider will be:
> 1 How can Ubuntu leverage the QA efforts of all of it's derivatives.
> 2 How can Ubuntu's derivatives leverage the larger Ubuntu communities QA
> efforts.
> 3 How can the the first two conditions be meet in a manner that is fair
> to all.
> I have started fleshing out some guidelines for 'good' interactions with
> both our upstreams and downstreams at
> and
> The third step will be either encouraging derivatives to use Launch Pad
> as their issue tracker or enabling Launch Pad to work effectively with
> other downstream issue trackers.

I have already started wiki page with guidance for derivative
distributions which gives advice how to create good derivative distro.
It also mentions using Launchpad and cooperating with community.


	Krzysztof Lichota

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