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Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Thu Mar 29 16:43:26 BST 2007

"Alexandre Vassalotti" <avassalotti at> writes:

> On 3/8/07, Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> wrote:
>> Martin and I are interested in feedback about bzr-builddeb, similar tools,
>> and any other practices around using bzr for packaging.
>> What are you doing?  What works well?  What is painful?
> I tried to use bzr-builddeb for helping me maintaining my packages,
> but unfortunately it didn't support legacy debian/changelog format,
> when I tested it. Also, I had a hard time building some packages with
> it (notably Emacs).

Could you please be more specific on this point? Feel free to file bug
reports and suggestions how to improve bzr-builddeb. I use bzr-builddeb
myself mostly within emacs, and apart from a bug in the changelog
parser, I didn't have problems with that.

> I ended up using bzr only to version control the debian/ directory of
> my packages and build the package with some scripts of my own. It
> works, but I am doubtful of the usefulness of this method.

bzr-builddeb also supports this mode of operation.

> This would probably require to create a new specialized utility, using
> bzrlib, instead of a plugin.

What specific problems do you see with implementing this packaging
assistance as bzr plugin? It seems quite natural to me.

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