edgy->feisty upgrades for people with nfs mounts and without nfs-common

Eldo Varghese poningru at ufl.edu
Thu Mar 22 03:48:48 GMT 2007

Matthias Klose wrote:
> Michael Vogt schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> Julian Edwards discovered a interessting upgrade scenario the other
>> day. 
>> On a stock edgy system without portmap or nfs-common it is possible to
>> nfs mount a directory (also it takes some time for the kernel to
>> timeout on portmap). Now this does no longer work on feisty, the
>> kernel complains that it can't read the nfs superblock. So on the new
>> feisty system the user will assume that something broke during the
>> upgrade.
>> I would like to ask for opinions how we should deal with this
>> situation in general and in the release-upgrader in particular. I see
>> the following options if a nfs mount is detected in /etc/fstab:
>> 1. automatically install nfs-common (opens a port)
>> 2. ask the user if he wants to install nfs-common (brings up a
>>    additional question during the upgrade)
>> 3. use some sort of notification (post-upgrade hook) to inform the
>>    user 
>> 4. just do nothing and assume people who can do nfs mounts can deal
>>    with the situation 
>> Input would be appreciated. I personally like option number one, but
>> this raises the security issue with a open port.
> I would like to see option 1 for feisty; OOo tries to lock files, which does
> fail on a nfs mount if nfs-common is not installed. 2 and 3 look ok as well, but
> 4 is just causing problems to unaware users.
>   Matthias
I think all of this problems can be solved with a simple option in 
'connect to server' app under places, have a nfs option. And yes I will 
get right on that.
- Eldo

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