For those who care about apport-retrace; new feature: auto bug attachments

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Mar 12 14:24:04 GMT 2007


Martin Pitt [2007-03-07 11:19 +0100]:
> Hi again,
> Martin Pitt [2007-03-05 17:54 +0100]:
> > In fact, the retracing bits are already done, if you have
> > ssh access to ronne, you can now do
> > 
> >  $ ~pitti/bin/retrace-i386 12345 > 12345.out
> >  $ ~pitti/bin/retrace-amd64 23456 > 23456.out

There are now two new wrapper commands:

 $ ~pitti/bin/retrace-attach-i386 12345
 $ ~pitti/bin/retrace-attach-amd64 23456

which will attach the results directly to the bug, as you can see in
e. g. bug 91646.

> Oh, and pretty please, do *NOT* interrupt the process with ^C. It
> takes a while to unpack the packages and purge them again after
> retracing. Interrupting it causes packages to remain installed with
> owner-only writeability, and thus other people cannot use the chroot
> properly any more. If this becomes too much of a hassle, then I'll
> switch to tarball chroots and temporarily unpack them for every
> retrace. apport-chroot support this already, but it's overhead I'd
> like to avoid if possible.

This does not apply any more. I did the change to tarballs now. After
all, unpacking to and rm -rf'ing a temporary directory is still faster
than purging all the temporarily installed packages, so it's now both
robust and not slower.


Martin Pitt
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