autopkgtest - automated package testing

Ian Jackson ian at
Mon Mar 5 12:44:20 GMT 2007

Raphaël Pinson writes ("Re: autopkgtest - automated package testing"):
> It is great to have such a tool being developed.
> I had been working some time ago on a set of bash tools called revu-tools,
> which was originally developed for the REVU Q&A system for universe
> packages.

Thanks for your kind comments :-).

I just had a look at revu-tools.  I can see how these tools would be
useful for REVU but I'm not sure there's a direct connection to

The Xen/LVM virtualisation stuff might be useable for getting better
isolation between packages being examined and the host system but I
suppose that lack of that strong separation isn't a big problem for
the reviewers.


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