Call for Tribe-1 testing

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Jun 6 16:16:06 BST 2007

Hello developers,

Tribe-1 is coming into shape and we have a set of reasonably
good-looking CD images now. Now we need some widespread testing!

Please sign up for an account on

(your old one from the Feisty days won't work any more) and help
testing the images.

In particular, alternate CDs for all derivatives, and desktop CDs for
all but Edubuntu. The current one is a tad oversized and thus will be
rebuilt shortly. If that finished, the Edubuntu desktop tests will be
re-enabled in the tracker.

Please make sure to mention serious bugs in the ISO test tracker. If
you are in doubt whether or not a bug should be a blocker, please err
on the safe side and mark it as serious. The release team will
regularly review the bugs and downgrade them if appropriate. Likewise,
we will update the tasks and milestones of bugs mentioned in the ISO

Thank you,


Martin Pitt
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer
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