SRU policy for universe, #2

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Jan 29 07:27:02 GMT 2007


I just became a new ubuntu-archive member and will help with SRU
processing now.

Stefan Potyra [2007-01-23  0:17 +0100]:
> as of tonights MOTU meeting, we decided on the following changes regarding 
> SRU's for universe:
> * the member of motu-sru, which gives the 3rd ACK, will also take care for 
> uploading a package to -proposed (regardless if the request comes from a MOTU 
> or non-MOTU).
> * ubuntu-archive should only check, if the version number for an SRU 
> hitting -proposed is sane, and then accept the package.

This works fine for me. I would not be able to do the pre-upload
review for universe packages, but as long as I only need to look into
the queue, check the debdiff, and will generally find something sane,
there should not be long delays.

> Currently there won't be any changes regarding -updates.

Your previous mail mentioned, but this page does
not exist. Where's the current policy written down?



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