New developer documentation

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Fri Jan 26 17:27:39 GMT 2007

On Jan 26, 2007, at 7:08 AM, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> Colin and I have put together a new landing page for developer
> documentation, to supersede DeveloperResources and some other  
> incomplete or
> outdated documentation:

Rockin' ! This should help new people get info fast and help the more  
seasoned with policy changes.

> It's intended to provide a starting point for people who want to get
> involved in development, as well as an index of relevant  
> information for
> active developers.  The table of contents should provide a good  
> overview of
> its intended scope.
> I would appreciate feedback from developers about it, especially:
> - Existing resources which should be linked from it, or  
> incorporated into it

Well, I don't really see any references to the Ubuntu Packaging Guide  
[0] .  Also, would the Debian Python Policy be something to add?  
Maybe it's better for farther down the food chain.

One thing I see on the page is a real mixture of Main and Universe  
and core dev and MOTU material. Here's an example:

"Starting points" starts out with a reference to MOTU and then in the  
next section "Communication" it doesn't refer to #ubuntu-motu or  
ubuntu-motu ML at all.

Some of the links are to MOTU/ wiki pages but are referenced as being  
general. I think we should either have a generic page (in perhaps a  
generic namespace) or  1 page for Universe and 1 page for Main. I  
think it would be nice to have 1 page and simply note where Main and  
Universe workflows diverge. This page is certainly a step in that  
direction and I'm glad to see it.

Thanks for all the work Colin and Matt.

- Jordan Mantha

[0] Edgy version is 
packagingguide/C/index.html and the "in progress" version (currently  
broken but should be fixed soon) 

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