New feature: mount local file systems in Gnome, please test

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Jan 12 09:10:05 GMT 2007


Ernst Persson [2006-12-12  9:46 +0100]:
> this sounds great! I assume it's both the desktop and gtk's filechooser that
> are affected?

Yes, everything in gnome, since everything uses gnome-vfs.

> Could this be extended so that usermounted fuse mounts show up there also?
> If I mount an ISO with fuse-iso for example.

This requires hal to know about those volumes, which it currently
doesn't. My feeling is that hal is not the right place to store
information about iso files on the file system. 

Gnome already allows you to browse ISO images with file-roller, it
just does not look exactly the same as opening a hard disk partition.
But this should be changed in Gnome itself if desired. Maybe you can
discuss that with the Gnome upstream nautilus developers?



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