Source code distribution for derivatives (Re: Concerns)

Ian Jackson ian at
Wed Jan 10 17:12:35 GMT 2007

Matt Zimmerman writes ("Re: Source code distribution for derivatives (Re: Concerns)"):
> I know of no reason why the distribution of source code to meet GPL
> requirements should not be shared by a third party where exactly the same
> source code is involved.  The derivative is responsible for ensuring that it
> remains available, but it's perfectly reasonable for us to lend a hand with
> the mechanics of distributing it.

The GPL says the source code distribution has to be offered `from the
same place'.  There is of course some vagueness in this term but a
different server owned and run by different people, organised
differently, and with different physical location and different
internet connectivity, is unlikely to count.

And of course there is the problem of version skew that was mentioned
earlier in the thread.  Versions of source disappear from the Ubuntu
public archives when they are superseded (depending on the nature of
the supercession).

Perhaps we should take this to devel-discuss or sounder ?


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