Feisty daily LiveCD snapshot doesn't configure 1280x800 display correctly

William Grant william.grant at ubuntu.org.au
Mon Jan 8 07:00:09 GMT 2007

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Miles Lane wrote:
> On 1/7/07, Ben Collins <ben.collins at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, 2007-01-07 at 21:04 +0000, Miles Lane wrote:
>>> Can we please add support to Feisty so that the LiveCD automatically
>>> loads Xorg in 1280x800 when it is called for?
>> I think this requires the 915resoluton package to work properly. VESA
>> doesn't report the 1280x800 resolution until the video BIOS is
>> programmed with such a mode.
>> At least, this is the way it is on my CoreDuo laptop with 945 graphics.
> Is there no way to automate detection of the highest supported resolution
> mode for LCD displays and then call 915resoluton with the appropriate
> parameters?  This would be really helpful for the LiveCD.

915resolution already autodetects the resolution, however it is not on
the Desktop CD (it's not even in main). You simply need to install the
package and restart X, and you'll have the right resolution (presuming
you have one of the supported Intel chipsets).
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