Minutes from Technical Board meeting, 2007-02-27

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 27 20:36:50 GMT 2007

The Ubuntu Technical Board met today at 2000 UTC on #ubuntu-meeting.

Matt Zimmerman (TB)
Mark Shuttleworth (TB)
Scott James Remnant (TB)
Matthew Garrett (TB)
Andrew Mitchell (MOTU Council)

- Application for ubuntu-core-dev membership by Alexander Sack

  Neither Alexander Sack nor his sponsors were in attendance, so his
  application was deferred for later consideration.

  ACTION: mdz to send an email reminder regarding this process

- MOTU Council administrivia

  The new MOTU council, as one of its first actions, cleaned up the team
  structure in Launchpad, such that MOTUs are now defined by the "motu"
  team, which also grants membership in ubuntu-dev.

  The ubuntu-dev team in Launchpad was changed to a Restricted team, as it
  is no longer appropriate for anyone new to attempt to join it.  MOTU
  should join the "motu" team instead.

  ACTION: mdz to update the UbuntuDevelopment documentation in the wiki to
  reflect this change (done)

  ACTION: ajmitch to revisit MOTU applicants who were referred by the Board
  to the MOTU Council as it was being brought into operation and instruct
  them on how to proceed with their applications

- Nominations for Board membership

  Nominations are due to renew, replace and supplement the membership of the
  Technical Board.  Members are to be nominated by the SABDFL and confirmed
  by a vote of the developers.

  ACTION: sabdfl to email list of tech board nominees to mdz

  ACTION: mdz to set up polls in Launchpad, announce confirmation vote

 - mdz

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