Status of the debian-maintainer-field spec ?

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Tue Feb 13 07:24:16 GMT 2007


Lucas Nussbaum [2007-02-08 20:59 +0100]:
> The topic of the debian-maintainer-field spec[0] was raised again today
> on #debian-devel. This has been running for a long time, and I really
> think that we should solve this for feisty, or it will look like Ubuntu
> is not living up to its promises of good behaviour towards Debian.

I was recently assigned to deal with this.

> In the spec, a X-Original-Maintainer field is supposed to be used.  It
> seems that this is a mistake, since the current implementation uses
> Original-Maintainer (without X-).

I fixed the spec yesterday. debian/control should use
XSBC-Original-Maintainer, which then ends up as Original-Maintainer:
in changes files and .debs (at least it's supposed to, we discovered a
dpkg bug yesterday which we need to solve first).

> The current status in feisty is:

Thanks for the stats!

I think we will manage to solve this in Feisty. I prepared a new
dpkg-buildpackage with the compliance check (if the maintainer fields
are not correct, it'll refuse to build a source package), this will be
uploaded when the aforementioned bug is fixed. Today I'll get the
script machinery ready for doing the transition, and then we can do
the actual mass-uploads in convenient chunks at a convenient time
between the various herd/beta freezes.


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