packaging X11R7.2

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at
Thu Feb 8 08:20:20 GMT 2007


   Keeping xorg in shape is a community effort right now, so despite the 
looming UVF in <gasp> 8 hours I (and others on #ubuntu-devel) started to 
package the practically-already-released X11R7.2 last night. So far 
I've updated all the libraries (~27 packages), and now I'm doing the 
app-directory from the 7.2 tree.

So far it has been really easy, dropping included patches where they were 
applied upstream etc, but most packages didn't need even that much. LibX11 
has been most problematic so far, but I merged the version in Debian 
experimental (1.1) and the current version in feisty with the new upstream 
(1.1.1) and it looks good.

I've yet to decide how to publish these for testing, and bzr on LP was 
suggested. I'll let you know later.

If someone is interested in giving a hand, poke me on #ubuntu-devel 
(tepsipakki) for a coordinated effort.


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