how do you build a custom install cd with elilo

Jason Joines joines at
Thu Dec 20 22:36:48 GMT 2007

Matthew Garrett wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 12, 2007 at 10:54:35AM -0600, Jason Joines wrote:
>> 1. create a version of the Ubuntu boot CD that uses eLilo instead of
>> syslinux and kernel 2.6.24-rc4
> The Intel Macs will only do EFI booting off CDs that are in HFS+ format, 
> and there currently aren't any tools to generate those on Linux. Do the 
> Xserves support booting legacy OSs? If so, just use a standard gutsy CD.

     Nope, they don't support booting legacy OSs.  The laptop and 
desktop macs include BIOS emulation in some boot ROM that allows them to 
do so.      I run Kubuntu on a powerbook pro without EFI. The intel 
xserve does not include the BIOS emulation.  I gathered the patches to 
eLilo and to 2.6.24-rc4 were all that was need to allow booting Linux on 
these boxes.  I didn't know about the HFS+ format needed for the CDs. 
Is that documented somewhere you know of?  I wonder if I can use a mac 
to make a Linux install on an HFS+ formatted CD.


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