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Wed Dec 19 21:50:25 GMT 2007

Op zaterdag 15-12-2007 om 08:47 uur [tijdzone -0600], schreef Brandon
> [ Solution 4 ]
> Adobe provides older versions for download also but anything that is
> not the current version is lumped into a 60+MB archive, the package
> could be updated on dapper --> gutsy to grab this archive and extract
> + md5 check the older 9,0,48,0 release and install it
> (
> )

This is a .zip file, so if their web server supports partial downloads,
you can download only those parts that you need (first download the ZIP
index, find where the needed version is located, download that part).

IIIRC <> (assembler application for
Windows) implements this trick (once, long ago, I added proxy support to
that application for someone ;) ).

Jan Claeys

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