Re-enabling interface-mtu in dhcp3

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Dec 10 13:57:03 GMT 2007


Colin Watson [2007-12-09 17:19 +0000]:
> Unfortunately, there appear to be DHCP servers that set inappropriate
> MTUs of 576
> ( 

AFAIUI this just means that the network will get slower, but unless
something in the way breaks fragmentation it should actually work,

> This is legal and I understand used for old analogue modems. At what
> point can we reasonably declare that the bug lies in the DHCP server
> and not in Ubuntu? I think that bug 65787 is such a case (server
> declares legal MTU value and we honour it), and that in that case
> the answer is really "fix your DHCP server or ask your vendor to do
> so", but I would like to check that I'm not on my own here. Does
> that make sense to others?

It does make sense to me. I would like to see this in a FAQ in
README.Debian or so, though, so that people whose network is slow have
something to read and try.



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