Current state of accessibility for the Ubuntu Gutsy Live CD.

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Fri Aug 31 14:29:44 BST 2007

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Hi all
I would firstly like to announce that necessary changes to allow accessibility on the live CD to function, have finally 
made it in. You should be able to test these changes, as from today, 31 August, from approximately 19:00 UTC. Apologies 
that it has taken so long, but better now, than a month down the track.

However, we still have issues that need addressing, particularly, speech. Currently, the CD contains espeak 1.26, using 
PortAudio 19. I intend to update espeak to 1.29 in the next several days, however PortAudio 19 is causing us some 
issues, particularly relating to lockups and crashes with Orca. I would much appreciate it if people would test, and 
give feedback as to whether things work for them. I'll let you all know when espeak 1.29 is in, so we can then start 
doing more testing.

The real issue lies in that PortAudio 18 has now been moved to Universe. If it was absolutely necessary, we could 
possibly bring that back onto the CD for eSpeak, should we run into a dead end, but this will be more work, due to 
having to reintroduce what is essentially an older version of PortAudio back into the main repository.

I am CCing the main development discussion list, ubuntu-devel at, to attempt to get wider testing of the 
issue with eSpeak and PortAudio19. We as users have been longing for the ability to use speech while we play other 
sound, so lets try and debug these problems now, and have a working solution for Gutsy.
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