Inconvenient Package Dependency for mutt

Casper Thomsen caspert at
Wed Aug 29 22:39:07 BST 2007


First of all, please Cc me since I'm not on the list.

I've figured out that mutt depends on postfix. As mutt is just a MUA  
(no more, no less), some kind of MTA is needed, right. However, there  
exists lots of MTAs. For instance, I don't want postfix, I want MSMTP.

Of course I can install postfix and just leave it unconfigured and  
never start it, but that's absolutely not "the right" sollution.

Therefore, I suggest that postfix is listed in "Suggested packages"  
like for instance in debian unstable. And MSMTP, sendmail, exim4 etc.  
could be added as "Suggested packages" as well, maybe?

Casper Thomsen

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