Build-Depends: some-virtual-package (not stating any real package)

Ian Jackson iwj at
Tue Aug 28 18:34:22 BST 2007

Michael Vogt writes ("Re: Build-Depends: some-virtual-package (not stating any real 	package)"):
> The current implementation in both gdebi and apt-get build-dep is that
> virtual dependencies will be satisified if there is only a single
> package available that provides this "provides". Its not hard to
> change this, I'm just concerned that this will make builds less
> predictable because it is unclear to me what package apt should pick
> if there are multiple available. I will try to figure out what sbuild
> is doing and provide similar behaviour.


I've just taught autopkgtest to file bugs itself, so de facto I have
started to treat build-dependencies that gdebi (and hence apt-get)
cannot satisfy as FTBFS bugs.


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