Researching libata for ATA disk support

Dane Mutters dmutters at
Thu Aug 2 16:50:21 BST 2007

I've noticed that libata (or at least the UUID fstab entries) doesn't do so 
well with ntfs volumes that don't have UUIDs.  I've found that it will 
seemingly randomly assign different drive letters to ntfs partitions after 
each reboot, making any fstab entry pretty useless.

I first noticed this in the feisty beta, when all my hard drives suddenly 
became /dev/sdx.  It seems to have been fixed since, by reverting them 
to /dev/hdx for PATA, and /dev/sdx for SATA.  I'm pretty sure I submitted a 
bug to this effect, but a quick search on Launchpad didn't find it.

Does this have to do with libata, or is there something else at work here?  If 
it does have to do with libata, I would REALLY appreciate it if it would be 
fixed before making it a standard thing in Ubuntu (if it isn't already).

Sorry for my lack of technical knowledge; I'm not as savvy on these things as 
you guys are.  :-)


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