Researching libata for ATA disk support

Andrew Pollock apollock at
Thu Aug 2 07:32:11 BST 2007


I'm interested in the background of the libata support for ATA disks that
was presumably incorporated into Feisty.

I've read

I'm assuming the former is slightly inaccurate, as it implies Edgy was
targetted for this, but the blueprint says it was retargetted for Feisty, so
I'm questiong the accuracy of the rest of the document as well, as I've
inspected the postinst for the base-files package in Feisty, and can't find
any evidence of it fiddling with /etc/fstab.

In particular, I'm interested in the migration of /etc/fstab to UUID-based
mounting for existing installations.

Any pointers appreciated.

Why? I've got a largish Dapper-base that has an in-house maintained kernel,
which we'd like to deploy libata with, and we'll need to cross the bridge.


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