Need testing for proposed final kernel candidate.

Ben Collins ben.collins at
Thu Apr 12 21:46:29 BST 2007

To avoid the normal cycle of waiting for the kernel to be completely
built by the archive buildd's, I'm asking folks to test this kernel from
a local build. Getting this tested extensively is urgent to keeping the
release schedule on-time.

There's a i386 and amd64 generic kernel there. The main thing to test is
that all of your IDE and libata driven disks (PATA/SATA) are still
operational, including your CDROM's. There should be no regressions from
the previous (-14.22) kernel.

Reports of success would be nice (to guage amount of testing). Reports
of regressions should include dmesg output from -14.22 and -14.23 (this
kernel) as well as "lspci -vvn". Do not file bug reports, send to
kernel-team at directly.



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