Accepted ndiswrapper 1.38-1ubuntu1 (source)

Paulus Esterhazy pesterhazy at
Wed Apr 4 12:39:18 BST 2007

Timo Aaltonen schrieb:
> On Tue, 3 Apr 2007, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>> The source is available in the ndiswrapper source package, and also in the
>> Ubuntu kernel source package.  I don't think we need another copy, and it's
>> confusing.
> Ok, fine by me, I'll remove it. The custom builders can grab the source 
> from the kernel..
>> We removed some similar -source module packages, because people would use
>> them without realizing that the modules were already in the kernel, causing
>> confusing problems.
> wacom-kernel-source might be another candidate.

I think the same is true for zd1211-source, which is present in the 
kernel under the name "zd1211rw". Perhaps linux-wlan-ng-source. I, too, 
found it confusing.


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