Proposal for solving CD Size problems

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Please include a full name in your posting, discussing with somebody
with a two letter name feels.. silly.

| Scott James Remnant wrote:
| > 
| >   - For edgy+1, make the default distribution medium a DVD, not a CD.
| > 
| what happens to those without a DVD ROM? Like most of the people who
| have less money? that's discrimination. you can however make an optional
| Desktop DVD.

No, it's not discrimination (in the racial or any related sense).  Or
are you arguing that we are discriminating about people who don't have
CD drives, people who don't have amd64/i386/powerpc/sparc systems and
anybody else who for some reason or another is unable to use Ubuntu?

| >   - The DVD would be the current desktop CD, but with more room for all
| >     the other pieces that we would like to ship.
| which are?

Language packs, for instance.  Not having to care about size to the
extent we do today would make the release team's job a lot easier.

| this means we are going overboard with the recommended hardware


| this points out to the problem that rec. hardware is going too high.

If you think so, you are obviously free to provide patches to help
lower the memory requirements.

| >   - Users with existing installs and no DVD drive can upgrade using the
| >     Internet as usual
| I don't think dist-upgrade is a usual way to upgrade previous releases yet.

I think so.  

| >   - Users installing on older hardware and unwilling to upgrade won't
| >     want (or be able to use) may of the new features.  They would be
| >     content with the cut-down "alternate" disk or with the supported
| >     dapper release.
| as someone who (now that you point out I need a DVD ROM in my desktop
| PC) has old hardware, I strongly disagree.

You seem to be arguing just from your personal perspective.  If you'd
be so kind as to argue why your case is a common one, it would be
easier to have a meaningful discussion.

| >   - Stop putting new features into Ubuntu
| make features installable:
| a dialogue is all you need:
| "do you want <list of features> available? you need an internet connection."

You argued against this further up where you claimed it would
discriminate people with a slow internet connection.

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