How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Scott James Remnant scott at
Wed Sep 27 22:41:46 BST 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-27 at 14:04 -0700, Scott wrote:

> ", "Martin Pitt spake thusy);:
> > Scott James Remnant [2006-09-26 20:55 +0100]:
> >>> Exactly how many Ubuntu developers actually use the 64bit version. 
> >>>
> >> Every day (this machine, in fact).
> > 
> > *me too*. I have used amd64 installations since I bought a new
> > workstation about a year ago, and I don't even have an i386
> > installation since the amd64 one just works so well and is
> > considerably faster in some circumstances (e. g. some packages build
> > 20% faster; I assume mainly due to the large number of registers that
> > amd64 CPUs provide).
> What do you do when you encounter a situation where there are only
> 32-bit apps available?
I've not encountered this situation ... all the apps I use have source
code available.

> Flash is a good example...
Urgh, I consider a lack of a flash plugin a *feature* of 64-bit

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