How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

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>Subject: Re: How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?
>Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 14:42:01 +0200
>On Tuesday 26 September 2006 22:50, Kilz _ wrote:
> > I think most users who would like/need wine would be happy to have a 
> > version rather than none at all. But I have had less success at it than
> > Firefox. At least Firefox will let me make a binary package. One that 
> > install and work. Not wine. I agree a 64bit wine is next to impossible, 
> > a wasted effort because its a 32bit layer.
> > So far I have found its possible to force architecture in the 32bit wine
> > deb file and manually copy in a lib, then run a setup script to make it
> > work. But what I have done is best called brute force hacking. In other
> > words try it to see if it will work, then add what it asks for.
> > If you want to take a look at what most 64bit users are doing to install
> > wine take a look here.
> >
>First of all, forcing the package to work on 64bit (with the 32bit layer)
>can't be the goal.
>As you know, all packages will have to compile from source, so it means, 
>we introduce at least, 2 32bit binary packages for wine, one for real 32bit
>systems, and one for 64bit system, with 32bit compat libs (in future there
>will be real 64bit wine packages, this means we have three binary packages
>for wine).
>I don't think, that is something we want really. Think about the following:
>What if TB decides to get rid of the 32bit compat libs on amd64? (As Long 
>OOffice will need them, this is a no go, but just imagine).
>No, the correct solution will be, wine64 for native 64bit apps, which are
>currently not available from MS.
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Well it is possible to compile wine on a 64bit system. Its something the 
average user cant do. It only compiles to a 32bit layer anyway so its mostly 
a lot of work for little gain. But I'm sure a developer could figure out how 
to make it work.
I just said I couldn't figure out how to make a binary package for it. At 
this point If I could, or if someone could tell me how to do it and make it 
work I would be happy to continue to make one and make it available. But as 
it is now. If I try it, It wont run. So users are forced to 
force-architecture in the package.
Next let me nicely suggest that removing the ia32 packages is a bad idea. 
The reason? Well IMHO the reason some average people are using the 64bit 
version is because we can force install some 32bit packages. Taking away the 
ia32 packages makes this harder. I'm not suggesting to add new ones (I have 
a feeling its a lost cause). But please make the ones already in existence 
at least available for Edgy please.
One of the 64bit users, kuja has started work on a automatrix type of 
program called simple64.
It will force install common 32bit applications for those users who find it 
to hard. Keeping those packages will make it vastly easier for this project 
to go forward.

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