Proposal for solving CD Size problems

Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at
Wed Sep 27 09:28:42 BST 2006

Scott James Remnant napisał(a):
> Firstly note that this is just a proposal that I am making, it isn't
> something that's been pre-decided and those who will ultimately make
> this decision may not agree with me at all!
> My proposal is this:
>   - For edgy+1, make the default distribution medium a DVD, not a CD.
>   - The DVD would be the current desktop CD, but with more room for all
>     the other pieces that we would like to ship.
>   - An additional DVD image with the remaining space taken up by
>     language packs and other packages from main could also be made
>     available.

I think the DVD is chosen for main medium, language packs should be the
ones that go there first, not being distributed on separate CD.

> Rationale:
>   - Recommended hardware also has significantly more available disk
>     space for the operating system than breezy, yet we don't take
>     advantage of this for edgy

Recommended hardware for USA, GB and a few other, richiest countries in
the world, where users don't care about spending 100$ for Windows license.

>   - Users with existing installs and no DVD drive can upgrade using the
>     Internet as usual

Broadband Internet is not common in smaller countries, especially in
poor areas.

> Alternatives:
>   - Remove existing features (OpenOffice?) from Ubuntu

I think removing OpenOffice would be a big mistake. One of advantages of
Ubuntu over Windows is that Ubuntu ships with full-featured Office
suite, while Windows ships with Wordpad.

I think it would be better to remove Windows stuff from CD.

> Discuss.

I am :)

Just my 2c.

	Krzysztof Lichota

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