Proposal for solving CD Size problems

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Wed Sep 27 08:43:07 BST 2006


Light, you mean it could exist some Light without 
Kaffeïne ;-) or Lemon or Cherry?
I think light could not be the exact term...I prefer :
Xubuntu : Turbo
Fluxbuntu : Nitro

More seriously It seems to be a good idea, Vector Linux already proceed 
like this with a "normal" version and a "soho".

t u a écrit :
> wrote:
>> An idea to have more space on cd could be to replace OOo by smaller apps
>> (Abiword, Gnumeric) so the user with network connection could later
>> install OOo if needed.
>> Another idea could be making like Debian, offering a cd set and a dvd
>> set on repository.
> or maybe more versions of ubuntu? I know ppl are gonna make fun of it
> like there is no tomorrow as we have xubuntu, kubuntu, edubuntu, and
> even a christianbuntu but... like:
> 1. ubuntu standard (comes with smaller of similar-functioning software,
> see how puppy or dsl chooses software): 1 CD
> 2. ubuntu soho (small office and home office, zenwalk style, openoffice
> would go to this): 2 CDs
> 3. ubuntu candy (comes with all the features you can think of): 1+ DVD
> and don't make fun of me, it's 3am here :)
> PS. ubuntu light = xubuntu
> and, for more fun, fluxbuntu = ultra light
> ok I shut up know

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