Proposal for solving CD Size problems

t u towsonu2003 at
Tue Sep 26 23:42:44 BST 2006

I'm not sure the two [RAM & DVDROM] are correlated to that extend. For
example, my desktop machine has 512MB RAM but no DVD ROM.

also, it's easier and cheaper to just put in a little bit of RAM than to
swap a built-in CD for a DVD. [I know people who use RAM as keychain]

Steven Harms wrote:
> Since this discussion is all about people without dvd drives, at what
> point do we assume they have enough processing power to decompress the
> image hundreds of times per session?  I mean if they don't have a dvd
> drive, then they probably have < 256MB of ram, so when things are
> swapped in and out of ram massive decompressing will occur, and again
> the same goes with their processing power. 

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