Accumulation of bugs on Malone

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Sat Sep 23 11:42:29 BST 2006

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Saad Shakhshir wrote:
> Looking through the list of bugs on Malone, there are a couple of
> hundred that are designated as being high priority and confirmed. 
> Clearly more bugs are opened every day than are closed.  What's the
> long-term strategy for this?  If there isn't one it would make sense to
> take a 6-month stretch to iron out these high-priority bugs without
> introducing new features so as to reduce the amount of backlog.  A good
> number of the bugs aren't necessarily upstream bugs and if they are then
> a close collaboration with upstream to get them squashed would be
> beneficial to us all.  Otherwise they will just continue to accumulate.
> -SS-

There was a debate about staying with the Breezy stable programs for
Dapper in the early dapper development cycle. I think the consensus was
that the disadvantages of letting down users always expecting the latest
software and missing out on bugs fixed upstream outweighed the
advantages (we could still easily have an increase in bug numbers).


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