Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Sat Sep 23 08:48:31 BST 2006

> Josselin has been very public about his negative opinion of Ubuntu and
> lack of interest in cooperation, so if he sees this change as something
> which would specifically benefit Ubuntu, he is unlikely to support it.
> What reasons did the others give?

Actually when I talked about splitting to Josselin on #gnome-debian I 
did not mention ubuntu (or xfce for that matter) at all, just some 
reasons for splitting and he did not seem opposed just not very convinced.
He brought up the problem on the debian list and seemed supportive of 
the idea after that though, here's the link that has been mentioned in 
this thread already:

Since then as I was told by Seb on IRC yesterday that there's agreement 
now in debian in favor of splitting, so the only issue is when it will 
happen. I am ok to postpone our split post beta if that makes the 
differences more manageable, but will need at least a few weeks before 
edgy to properly test the new python apps that can go in and their space 
requirements on the CD.

Seb, Loic, if you talked about the details of the split and agree on 
both ubuntu and debian making a similar choice, we can upload the 
changes before everything gets in debian (as I understand going through 
all the various architecture builds and maybe other time consuming 
processes could delay this)

For python-gnome2 I propose just canvas and gconf because these are 
independent in C world as well and bonobo/vfs are not really used 
separately by python apps.

For python-gnome2-extras splitting out gtkhtml2 is the only one I found 
a need for but the others like gtkmozembed make sense as well, and gda 
as Murray mentioned.


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