Interop btwn gnome-dflt-app-props & alternatives system

Jan Claeys lists at
Thu Sep 21 15:31:11 BST 2006

Op do, 21-09-2006 te 16:29 +1000, schreef Cefiar:
>  2. Additional options in the pulldown list eg: "System default application" 
> and "Gnome default application", which uses the alternatives system defaults 
> (x-www-browser and gnome-www-browser). It'd be a plus if it could also work 
> out the exact app (by following the symbolic link) and telling you what it 
> is. This at least means that people would be aware of the System defaults. I 
> know there is the "Sensible Browser", which in my limited testing appears to 
> call x-www-browser, but while it may be "sensible", it's hardly descriptive 
> as to what it is.

Well, '/usr/bin/sensible-browser' is a Perl script that tries several
things.  If you didn't add a $BROWSER variable to your environment, it
will try to use 'x-www-browser'.

> Of course, then you need a good way to change these system defaults, which 
> AFAIK there isn't anything in main, and certainly nothing installed by 
> default that does this. There is always galternatives (which is in 
> universe/admin), which at least avoids pointing people at the command line, 
> however it's not the prettiest app, and it DOES need a warning on it that the 
> changes are global changes to the defaults (ie: affect all users who use 
> default settings), but it does work (at least on dapper). 

I have used it since breezy or maybe even hoary, and some months ago on

Jan Claeys

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