RapidReboot and kexec

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Tue Sep 19 20:01:55 BST 2006

Op zo, 17-09-2006 te 13:05 -0300, schreef Hervé Fache:
> This shift key alterations only get discovered by mistake. There
> should be something on the dialog itself 'reminding' the user of the
> extra functionality.

Do they really need to know it?

What about changing the icon when the 'modifier key' is pressed?
(Maybe with a hint that it's available.)

> I didn't know about Firefox. It's just too difficult to
> discover!
> Who reads Firefox's documentation before using it 0.01% of people?

Well, most people who need to know _that_ are web developers, and all
good web developers know it...  ;-)

(The forced refresh in a browser is only needed with broken servers.)

Jan Claeys

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