Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Sep 19 11:10:30 BST 2006

Le mardi 19 septembre 2006 à 10:12 +0200, Martin Pitt a écrit :

> The patch in bug 60615 looks straightforward and simple to me, nothing
> that merge-o-matic couldn't handle. I wonder why Debian absolutely
> does not want to do the split, since XFCE is in Debian as well and
> would benefit from it. However, to me carrying this simple diff seems
> like a very small burden, we have an Ubuntu specific package anyway.

The split has been mentioned on the debian-gtk-gnome list:

The issue is not only the small diff for the change, it would also make
the packages non compatible with Debian since they would Depends on some
packages not available from Debian. 


Sebastien Bacher

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