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Hi Jani,

thanks for the writeup!

Jani Monoses [2006-09-18 22:48 +0300]:
> The changes that need to be don from our pov to the current packages 
> mainatained by gnome are:
>    - split python-gnome2 and python-gnome2-extras so we can use gconf, 
> canvas and gtkhtml2 individually. 

The patch in bug 60615 looks straightforward and simple to me, nothing
that merge-o-matic couldn't handle. I wonder why Debian absolutely
does not want to do the split, since XFCE is in Debian as well and
would benefit from it. However, to me carrying this simple diff seems
like a very small burden, we have an Ubuntu specific package anyway.

> There's no transition to worry about for apps that don't care. Those
> that do can change their deps to the new split-out package, the
> others can keep depending on the full one and nothing will change
> for them.

No, easier. python-gnome2 would then depend on the new
python-gconf/html/etc., but the XFCE apps would just depend on

>   - modify the cdbs scripts of a few packages to run two build passes. 
> Some may need an extra debian/patch but I am working on getting those 
> upstream so that is optional (i.e. gnome-system-tools)

I do agree to Seb that maintaining a huge source code patch to
eliminate Gnome usage is bad. We already do it for two packages and it
certainly makes upstream updates a pain. IMHO for these cases there
are little other possiblities than to convince upstream to adopt the
patch and offer them to help with it (you shouldn't do this all
yourself, of course, the XFCE upstreams certainly have an interest in
this as well?)

However, I don't see a reason why we should not multibuild packages if
they already support this with a configure option.

cdbs currently does not support multibuild, but that *only* means that
it is not easier than with plain debhelper (as it should be). But of
course it is not in any way harder. So let's create a small example
multibuild package and then see which parts we can generalize into a Jani, I'd be interested in looking into this.


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