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Kasper Peeters kasper.peeters at
Mon Sep 18 21:55:22 BST 2006

> > >Any good ideas for how to discover if you're on certain network and
> > >hence should use a static IP?
> > Don't know if it's a good idea, but the only way seems to configure
> > with the static parameters, try to ping the gateway, if fails, try the
> > dynamic ones.
> Nah, that wouldn't quite cut it. There's no way to know if you're
> talking to a gateway of any kind, and there are just too many networks
> with e.g. a or on them for it to be at all
> reliable. Maybe something based on the MAC address of something on the
> network?

This was discussed a while ago on the network-manager list, and I
actually proposed to cook up a prototype based on arping or
similar. Please consult the archives. I won't have time to implement
it now, unfortunately.


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