New pilot-link, gnome-pilot (and conduits) have landed - call for testing

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Sep 18 16:39:17 BST 2006

Hello Hervé,

Am Montag, den 18.09.2006, 12:01 -0300 schrieb Hervé Fache:
> Does this mean that Ubuntu will support pilot-link at the expense of
> OpenSync, or are there plans to support both? I seem to remember
> OpenSync was the favoured synchronisation software for KDE 4 (but
> could be wrong, of course)...

a lot of packages use libpisock* (of gnome-pilot). 

Only these packages make use of opensync:
      * opensync-plugin-irmc, 
      * opensync-plugin-file, 
      * opensync-plugin-evolution

We can't speak of "at the expense" in this case at all. Both packages
are in the archive. It's just that OpenSync is far newer than pilot-link
and that fewer upstream projects make use of it.

I hope that answers your question.

Have a nice day,

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