Fabio Berta fabio at
Mon Sep 18 13:27:59 BST 2006

I know, this was brought up before, but why is networkmanager still not
integrated into ubuntu? The situation we have now very confusing for new
users. When they install networkmanager from the repos (it isn't even on
the cd...), something they will do if they want to use their wlan cards,
they will have two different configuration tools for their network. And
in one they need to disable all the cards, so that the other
(networkmanager) can work. This is VERY confusing. And the thing that NM
is only in the repos and not in on the CD leads to another problem. How
can new users with wlan cards access the internet if there is a WPA
encryption in place, which is not that uncommon? Using wpasupplicant?
Come on, you can't expect a novice to configure wpasupplicant...
I mean, this is Edgy Eft, I remember, at the beginning of the cycle Mark
talked about all these nifty new features, like AIGLX and NetworkManager
and XEN, etc. But only XEN seems to be integrated a bit now. I'm just a
little disappointed.

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