kubuntu knot3 results

Constantine Evans constantine at evanslabs.org
Mon Sep 18 06:34:44 BST 2006

Ming Hua wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 16, 2006 at 11:05:16PM -0700, Constantine Evans wrote:
>> I spoke too quickly in my last email. Looking at vim.tiny on my machine,
>> this is caused by the configuration of vim-tiny being bad. Vim-tiny
>> doesn't appear to have any global configuration file. Adding one and
>> adding set nocompatible should fix the issue even with vim-tiny.
>> Could this be done in the package? It would only add a few bytes, would
>> it not?
> I don't have an Edgy installation right now, so I can't test but just
> ask:  (1) Do you have a /etc/vim/vimrc.tiny file?  That should be the
> global configuration file for vim.tiny.  (2) Did you try invoke vim.tiny
> with "vim" command instead of "vi"?  That should give you "nocompatible"
> behaviour.
> All these choices are deliberate by the Debian Vim maintainers, and the
> are all recorded in the Debian changelog.
> Whether Ubuntu should change this behavior (or just install a different
> vim package by default) for Desktop installs is a good question, though.
> Ming
> 2006.09.17

vimrc.tiny sets compatible. I don't have an installation that doesn't
have the full vim installed, so I'm not sure about how this works when
only vim-tiny is installed. I imagine that compatible is always set in
that situation, noticing the complaints of others. It certainly would
appease most vi users to have nocompatible instead of compatible by
default. Is there _anyone_ who wants compatible set by default? Is there
anyone who likes having vi go to the compatible version?


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