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For those that can't make it again, due to work this year :(, will Gobby and
the TeamTalk program they used last year be available and better
implemented?  It was nice to be able to at least listen in and chat over IRC

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Hi all,

As time rolls on and the release of Edgy draws ever closer, discussion
and planning of the next Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) has begun, in
which Edgy+1 will be discussed, planned, debated and documented. We are
pleased to now announce the details of UDS Mountain View [1]!

This Developer Summit will take place at Google's headquarters in
Mountain View, California, USA between Sunday 5th November and Friday
10th November 2006. As ever, this is not a conference with talks and
panels, but a developer summit with discussions that debate and flesh
out specific ideas and plans for Edgy+1. These discussions result in
specifications that are planned for the next edition of the
distribution. The specific areas that will be discussed at the summit
will be announced closer to the time, and for more details as they
happen, visit the Ubuntu Developer Summit Mountain View [2] page

UDS Mountain View is open for anyone to attend, but remember it is very
developer focused, so probably unsuitable for those without an interest
in participating in Ubuntu. If you would like to attend, add yourself to
the Attendees [3] page. We also have limited sponsorship available. To
apply for sponsorship visit the Sponsorship [4] page.

If you can't make it to the summit in person, we are also working to
make the summit as accessible as possible for external contributors. See
the Participation [5] page as it develops.




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