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Wed Sep 6 21:04:42 BST 2006

Constantine Evans wrote:
> Scott James Remnant wrote:
>>  (you'll notice it's somewhat less
>> verbose unless you're using usplash).
> I would say that "less verbose" is a bit of an understatement. I am
> probably in a small minority of Ubuntu users, since I use the console,
> don't use usplash, and don't start X by default. It doesn't appear that
> upstart tells me what it is doing at all - I only see the output of
> various tasks (fsck, etc).
> In addition, the login prompt, as has been noted before, comes up very
> early (before / is mounted rw, and before /home is mounted). I actually
> think that this is quite useful - if something goes wrong, I can still
> log in and fix it without having to use single user mode. But there
> should be some sort of indication as to when the login prompt is usable
> in the normal sense.
> I'm not sure if either of these issues are bugs, since upstart may be
> designed in this manner. Is this behaviour intentional, or is the
> desirable behaviour here just not implemented yet? If not implemented,
> is someone going to be working on fixing it in the near future, or do I
> need to fix it myself?
> Constantine Evans

I would consider that a big issue.  I like that login prompts come
up early, but they shouldn't come up where the system start up
messages are going.

Can we just dedicate a vt to logging output?  I think there was a
package that put console messages and stuff on vt 10 and 11 or
something like that...

The startup information is too useful to get rid of, for some of us.
 And especially for troubleshooting.


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