dash ( and the new world order )

Ante Karamatic ivoks at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 15 10:39:21 BST 2006

Na Pet, 2006-09-15 u 03:28 -0500, Brandon Holtsclaw je napisao:

> Right I understand that, it uses upstart-sysv-compat right now, but I'm
> thinking more longer term when they are converted into upstart jobs (
> thus the reference to when Scott said no new packages will be accepted
> in edgy+2 without upstart jobs )

I doubt they would be C or C++ scripts/programs :) They will again be
shell scripts which are faster executed in dash, sometimes even 4x
faster (in case your script contains only 'exit' :).

This isn't related to init, but to time needed to execute bash/dash
scripts. Init/upstart starts the job, and we are speeding up that job.

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