RapidReboot and kexec

Joao Inacio jcinacio at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 00:29:41 BST 2006

On 9/14/06, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt at canonical.com> wrote:
> I'm strongly tempted to say, "at the command line only". I think (time
> saved) * (frequency of use) for Quick Restart would be very much less
> than (time lost in confusion) * (frequency of use) for all the other
> options in the Quit dialog. In other words, that dialog is already a
> jumble; the last thing it needs is yet another option. :-)
> > Even though its anti-HIG, would a modifier key work like for
> > Standby/Hibernate on windows XP?
> > ...
> That might work -- when holding down Shift, "Restart" changing to
> "Quick Restart Ubuntu". I don't see anything in the HIGs that would
> make it "anti-HIG", though it would be a little odd.

Though i can't but agree on this, i wonder about the discoverability
of using the Shift key.

Also, i guess an option to do a Quick restart after a kernel upgrade
would be usefull (since there is already a tray notification for it)

João Inácio

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