X conf - way too many screens.

Scott Dier dieman at ringworld.org
Thu Sep 14 18:03:41 BST 2006

Does it show that many screens at high or critical priority?


George Farris wrote:
> I know this is a Debian thing, however...The other day I installed
> Dapper for someone and when they took it home of course their display
> didn't work.  They needed to run dpkg-reconfigure on the X server.  
> I sat down and took screen shots of the steps necessary to get this
> running...wait for it...30 yes 30 different screens just to get X
> running.
> I'm really hoping something can be done for Edgy or Edgy+1 because this
> is **way** too much information for a new user to absorb.

Scott Dier <dieman at ringworld.org>

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