CDRW Ricoh MP7083A crashing the whole system

Tim Schmidt timschmidt at
Thu Sep 14 02:17:50 BST 2006

On 9/13/06, Pierre Thibault <pthibault33 at> wrote:
> The drive was working well on Windows just before Kubuntu was installed.
> As I know with Google, other people are experiencing problems with this
> drive under Linux. I bought a new DVD drive too to replace this one. It
> is a Pionneer too. Now things are working very well.

Interesting that others are having problems under linux as well.
Perhaps the drive reacts poorly to some otherwise standard commands...
 If that's the case, forcing the drive to use an older (and slower)
ATA version could help (check out hdparm) or changing the drive's
firmware to a newer or older version.


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