Compiz integration

Quinn Storm livinglatexkali at
Wed Sep 13 16:05:12 BST 2006

To answer the major questions raised about my branch of compiz:

Yes, there is a (more) stable branch / desire to create one (it's still
in its infancy).

The extra plugins could easily be removed from the default distribution
(and the ones that cause bugs are turned off by default)

CSM was created, and GConf dropped for a number of reasons.

* GConf is gnome-specific, and very heavy if you use any other DE
* the GConf system in compiz was broken and would take a major overhaul
to make work properly (action bindings)
* GConf is an opaque, registry-type system.  Yes, it has good language
bindings to C/glib, but that really doesn't help much.
* GConf is slower than the system CSM uses.

To answer the criticisms of CSM, yes, there isn't as much of an API for
it, but the system is very open.  It is a simple, flat-file storage in
~/.compiz/csm_settings, and can be accessed easily with GLib or QT APIs
(GKeyFile / whatever QT/KDE use, I haven't looked recently as I tend
to prefer glib/gtk for actual coding (though I'm a KDE user))

The reason there aren't any 'simple' frontends to CSM is merely that it
is so new.

As for CGWD, the CGWD themer is a very simple frontend, unless you
click the other tabs, you just click a theme and it applies.  The only
real missing feature there is drag&drop theme importing.

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