RapidReboot and kexec

jeff.schroeder2 at us.army.mil jeff.schroeder2 at us.army.mil
Tue Sep 12 16:48:19 BST 2006

Being new to the list and finally deciding to work on
something important instead of lurking this is my
first post.

Rebooting the computer is an annoyance and necessity
of windows upgrades. Short of things like the kernel
and a few others possibly like the c library, Linux
does not have this shortcoming.

I propose implementing RapidReboot for edgy+1 early
so that I can start working on it now:

This would only compliment the now implemented
Teardown spec.

The only problem I see is how "Quick Restart" would
be visible to the user. Using kexec bypasses grub
therefor bypassing any chance to boot windows or an
alternate kernel. This is a very common usecase that
would frustrate many users. What would be the best
way to expose a "Quick Restart" option to the user?
Even though its anti-HIG, would a modifier key work
like for Standby/Hibernate on windows XP?

Keybuk, I don't have an edgy system yet to play with
but will soon. What would be the best way to
integrate this with upstart? As I am very new to
all of this, where should I start?
       jeff schroeder

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